The Automated Driving Lab (ADL) is the main research lab for connected and autonomous driving technologies at the Ohio State University. ADL research focuses on ADAS systems and connected and automated driving at both higher speed highway driving and lower speed urban driving in a smart city. The Automated Driving Lab was formed in 2014 at the Ohio State University and follows the tradition of Mekar Labs dating back to 1997. 

Vehicle dynamics modeling, validation, simulation and control; development of advanced driver assistance systems; hardware-in-the-loop system development; cooperative mobility and automated driving form the main research expertise of the lab.

We offer a full research solution for the automotive industry starting with model in the loop simulation, continued by traffic/vehicle/infrastructure/hardware in the loop simulation  and ending in road testing. We use a modular and scalable approach of automating and working with research vehicles ranging from small smart city personal mobility units all the way to trucks.